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Online test

Do our online test and we will give you advice on the stove that best suits your needs.

What are the dimensions of the space where you want to fit the stove?

45 cm. (without oven) *
60 cm. *
74 cm. - 75 cm. *
85 cm. - 88 cm. *
90cm. *
100 cm. - 105cm. *
110 cm. *
118 cm. *
150 cm. *

* If you want to fit the stove between two pieces of furniture, you should leave a gap between each piece and the stove (about 15 cm), for they may become distorted out of overheating. We recommend placing a ceramic fibre plate on the sides in contact with the stove, and leaving some small air holes as shown in the drawing. Another recommended option is to protect the furniture by a scrapped brick lateral partition of about 8 cm. In this case, a ceramic fibre plate should also be placed on the sides in contact with the stove.


Visible flame



¿ What kind of stove would you like: a heating stove (it heats the water or air of a heating system), a non-heating stove (a regular closed stove) or a partially assembled stove (a builder must assemble the inside of the stove)?

CC (heating stove powered by water)
NC (closed, non-heating stove)
L ( regular stove with building work involved )
SEMI (stove with building work involved, with already assembled hearth and ashtray)


What kind of cooktop would you like?

EN (steel cooktop)
P.V.T. (glass ceramic cooktop - non-electric)
P.V.T.D. (steel and glass ceramic double cooktop)
WITH AN ADDITIONAL MODULE (electric plates, glass ceramic
      vitrocerámica plate or gas plate)


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